About Who’s Lobbying

What is Who’s Lobbying
Who’s Lobbying is a place to access data about lobbying activity in the UK without having to poke around through dense, difficult-to-navigate websites and hard to find PDF documents.

Why do this?
Motivations include:

Public Transparency – to give us easy access to information about who is trying to influence government.
Government Policy – to inform the UK government as to what information is and is not available, at a time when they are proposing to create a statutory register of lobbying activity.
Government Implementation – to show government how to put this type of information on the web in an easy to browse, consistent format.
I’m from a department but our data on the site is incorrect/out-of-date, how do I get it updated?
Most of the information about individual departments is taken from the department’s own website, so please check it’s correct on there. However if there is new data not on the site, it’s probably because we haven’t gotten around to it yet (but by all means email us at [email protected] and we’ll try to prioritize).

I’m from a department and we don’t want our data on here
Really? OK. First we ask you to think again. A working democracy require both transparency and the engagement of its citizens in the process, and that’s what we’re about. If you have specific concerns, please email [email protected]

Who’s behind this project?
The people behind Who’s Lobbying are Moving Flow, a small company dedicated to innovative web projects and opening up public data, and led by Rob McKinnon (a developer of TheyWorkForYou.co.nz).

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Information from the Who’s Lobbying database is available under the Open Database License (ODbL).

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