A Quiet Word:
Lobbying, Crony Capitalism
and Broken Politics in Britain


Frequently met organisations

December 2010

Met with Westminster Foundation for Democracy for introductory call. [2]

Met with Fair Trials international to discuss work of FTI. [2]

Met with Google to discuss freedom of expression on the Internet. [2]

Met with Diageo to discuss Diageo business in countries covered in the Minister's portfolio. [2]

Met with Open Doors to discuss Petition on religious freedom. [2]

November 2010

Met with Bond Latin America & Caribbean Group for round-table discussion. [2]

Met with Google to discuss freedom of expression on the Internet. [2]

Met with Peace Brigades International to discuss Minister's trip to Mexico. [2]

October 2010

Met with Chatham House to discuss China. [2]

Met with Support After Murder & Manslaughter (SAMM) to discuss FCO consular policy. [2]

Met with Chinese Yound Leadership Forum (CYLF) to discuss work of CYLF. [2]

Met with British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong to discuss business opportunities in Hong Kong. [2]

Met with Facebook to discuss freedom of expression on the internet. [2]

Met with Aston Martin to discuss Consular case. [2]

September 2010

Met with Amnesty International to discuss Burma. [3]

Met with The Burma Campaign to discuss Burma. [3]

Met with Cuba Initiative to discuss Cuba. [3]

Met with Lord Judd and Jo Swinson MP to discuss Chechnya. [3]

June 2010

Met with All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Rights to discuss human rights. [4]

Met with Kelsang Gyaltsen, Dalai Lama's Envoy to discuss (In Palace of Westminster) to discuss Tibet. [4]

Met with AB Colombia to discuss Colombia. [4]

Met with Sport For Life International to discuss Caribbean. [4]

Met with Canning House to discuss Latin America. [4]

Met with Lord Montgomery to discuss South America. [4]

Met with Andean Development Corporation to discuss South America. [4]