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Ineos Group Limited (styled as INEOS) is a privately owned multinational chemicals company headquartered in Rolle, Switzerland, and with its registered office in Lyndhurst, United Kingdom. It is in the top ten chemicals manufacturing companies as measured by sales revenue. Jim Ratcliffe is the founder, Chairman and 60 percent shareholder. It also stems from one Latin and two Greek words that founder, Jim Ratcliffe, and his two sons found when searching for a company name. "Ineo" is Latin for a new beginning, "Eos" is the Greek goddess of dawn and "neos" means something new and innovative. As a result, the name Ineos represents the "dawn of something new and innovative" [1]
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January 2011

Prime Minister's Office
  • Ineos Capital Limited met with Jeremy Heywood, Permanent Secretary, to discuss Business issues. [2]

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