A Quiet Word:
Lobbying, Crony Capitalism
and Broken Politics in Britain

An organisation that has recently provided public affairs services to at least 300 organisations. [6]

Main client categories: Manufacturing companies, Telecommunications equipment vendors, Conglomerate companies, Companies related to the Wallenberg family, Electrical engineering companies, Engineering companies, Swedish brands, Health charities, Construction and civil engineering companies, Supermarkets, Clothing retailers, Retail companies, Former nationalised industries, Utilities, Nuclear power companies, Internet service providers, British Royal Warrant holders, Telecommunications companies, British brands, Natural gas companies, Defence companies, Computer hardware companies, Display technology companies, Cloud computing providers, Electronics companies, Software companies, Semiconductor companies, Netbook manufacturers, HVAC manufacturing companies, Mobile phone manufacturers, Health care companies, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Architecture organisations, Trade associations, Gambling companies, Research Councils, Science and technology, Non-departmental public bodies of the United Kingdom government, Post-privatisation British railway companies, Private companies limited by guarantee, Public policy think tanks, Lotteries, Postal organisations, Postal system, Service companies, Government-owned companies, Engineering societies, ECUK Licensed Members, Bibliographic database providers, Professional associations, Express mail, Logistics companies, Power companies, Political and economic think tanks, Non-governmental organizations, Politics of Wales, The Prince's Trust, and Social welfare charities

April 2011

Dept. for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Grayling met with Edward Davey, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs, to discuss employment relations, along with 13 others. [1]
Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport

Pro-bono public affairs client [4]
Jun - Aug 2011

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