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The Attorney General's Office (AGO) is a United Kingdom government department that supports the Attorney General and his deputy the Solicitor General. [1]
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Dominic Grieve QC MP
Attorney General, Attorney General's Office [0]

Edward Garnier QC MP
Solicitor General, Attorney General's Office [0]

June 2011

AGO met Centre for Social Justice to discuss the Criminal Justice Slavery review .

May 2011

AGO met the following to discuss economic crime:
Law Faculty
University of Cambridge

AGO met the following for general discussion:
Tim Montgomerie

AGO met Barnardo's to discuss children in the Criminal Justice System.

AGO met Bar Standards Board to discuss general discussion .

March 2011

AGO met Professor Barry Rider for introductory meeting and a discussion on international corruption.

November 2010

AGO met the following to discuss disability hate crimes:
National Autistic Society

AGO met Peace Brigades International to discuss Pro Bono.

AGO met Kaku Hirao to discuss the Criminal Justice System.

October 2010

AGO met Dr Sophie Turenne to discuss the second edition of the book Judges on Trial.

September 2010

AGO met Jonathan Fisher for discussion on economic crime.

August 2010

AGO met Jessica de Grazia for discussion on economic crime.

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